Decoration Services

All Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl and Graphics services are produced in-house, this allows us to maintain control over quality and turnaround times for your order.



The traditional method of t-shirt printing, produces high quality prints.  Very cost effective for large runs. We will set-up for as few as 24 pieces.


Turn your logo into stitches for high quality professional looking garments on our state-of-the-art high speed embroidery machines.


Custom cut vinyl for names and numbers.  Tough…once heat pressed on it will out live the garment. Perfect for team names and numbers.


There are hundreds of non-apparel items to choose from.  Mugs, Pens, Coffee Cups, Water Bottles and more! Typically a 48 to 72 pc minimum for custom printing, turnaround times vary depending on the product.


We embroider and vinyl names and designations.  Choose from any of our stock fonts. A type set list of your names is required to insure accuracy.


  • Screen Printing Art:
    • 1st Choice – We love vector art (.cdr, .ai, sometimes .eps or .pdf).
    • 2nd Choice – High Resolution bit map image (.jpeg, .gif or .png, sometimes .eps or .pdf). We can convert it to a vector image for screen printing.
    • Last – Low Resolution bit map images (thumb nails off the internet), word documents, publisher files or hand drawings. These images will have to be rebuilt for a clean print.
  • Embroidery Art:
    • Embroidery art needs to be digitized. 
    • Your logo is rebuilt in a format the embroidery machines can read.
    • We would check out any format you have.
  • Promotional Product Art:
    • Depending on the item being customized, vector art of high resolution images are needed.
    • Contact our sales staff for help.
  • No Art:
    • Do you have an idea or concept?  Let us help you create your vision.